1How does The Spelling Bee work?
Schools need to enroll, select some students for a vocabulary test. The selected students from the vocabulary test will be trained over a period of time before participating in the regional competitions and later the national finals. Many schools that participate in TSB are usually sponsored by corporate organisations, benefactors and international agencies, whilst private schools normally fund their own participation on TSB.
2What is a Community Bee?
A Community Bee, which is a typical subset of The Spelling Bee, is when corporate organisations sponsor public and less endowed schools within the locality to participate in The Spelling Bee. The community Bee concept was borne out of the need to include every school-going child, regardless of whether they are in public or private schools, in a major city or town or village in The Spelling Bee.
3What is Individual Enrollment?
Individually enrolled students are those students whose schools are not participating in The Spelling Bee or who purely want to continue learning how to master the English language aside from their own studies in school.
4Who are the Organizers?
Young Educators Foundation is a local NGO whose vision is to improve the lives of our youth through literacy, as well as champion the cause of education. We strongly believe that education cannot be limited to only what is taught in the classroom; co-curriculum. As such, our programs are meant to complement the school curriculum, for instance The Spelling Bee (TSB).